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By: Shopping | 29th, June 2017. | 895 | 105

The new academic year is just 2 months away. Most of the schools and colleges began to open in the month of June. This is the time when most of the textbooks start selling off. Sometimes there is a shortage of books too as the demand becomes uneven. There is a variation in price too, though no one can sell a book above MRP printed on the books.

We are one of the leading websites in India selling curriculum books for students all over the country. All you need to do is prepare a checklist of the books that you want and add them to your account. This feature is useful when a certain book is not in stock.

Now the advantage of ordering these books with us is that w deliver them to your doorsteps right within 3 working days. Be it any pin code of India. Even if it is the farthest place in the North-Eastern part of India!


Every book is at least discounted for 20%. This is something that you will hardly find anywhere. If the purchase order is above is above Rs.10000 you get a flat 40% off on the order.


What's more, if you are an educational institute, you can let us know the requirements for your students and we will get these books at a price that you cannot imagine.